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gmo silbers

Midi foot controller to change articulations & expression

Sometimes we want to sequence with both hands on our keyboard and change dynamics or articulations at the same time but find it hard to do since well, we have only two hands.

I found a Behringer fcb1010 midi foot controller and thought maybe this would be able to change articulations and expression with my feet. Not only if I needed to play keyboard with two hands but also if I played midi guitar.

Three years later and after a couple of failed tries I finally said… or I do it, or this thing gets thrown away. And it worked. The trick… not so secret trick, was to understand and use the pedal programming instead of the software editors I do fondly tried hard to use.

So here is my video tutorial on how to setup the fcb1010 midi foot controller to change articulations using note triggers. These enable the fcb1010 to shoot specific notes and many orchestral sample libraries in Kontakt will have the ability to understand that really low notes will mean articulation switching. Spitfire will have them preset already but cinesamples and others will need to be setup to change articulation switching via note trigger.


Still editing those darn Kontakt Libraries….

Just a quick update for the start of 2018. We are working on several kontakt libraries. Its always fun to “sound design” (used as a verb:) stuff but makig it spotless clean and perfect for consumer release is another level of detail that takes some time. Not to mention the scirpting, marketing and “life”.

Still with this “editing too much face” we couldnt be happier doing these libraries, soundsets and loops.


2018 is looking good!