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Pulsesetter Sounds is grateful to collaborate with cello virtuoso Gabriel DiMarco. Gabriel has performed as a featured cellist for Bear McCreary on films like Colossal starring Anne Hathaway and on AMC’s The Walking Dead and STARZ’s Black Sails. He has also played on films such as 10 Cloverfield Lane (Paramount Pictures) and  ID2: Shadwell Army (Universal Pictures). He is also a seasoned film composer, so he understand very well what our users look for in our libraries.

Check some of his work on our latest release Cello Ibrida and click here for his website.

New Album by Freddy Sheinfeld

Hi there, we hope you are all doing alright despite all this madness.

We wanted to share an album with you by award winning film composer Freddy Sheinfeld: Undying Mercenaries – A Sci-Fi Music Anthology

This album is a collection of epic Sci-fi music and it contains many tracks used to demoing our products, so you might recognize some cool sounds.You can download and stream free here:

It’s also available in iTunes, Spotify, etc.


Working on Star Wars

Happy to have worked on the Lego Star Wars franchise doing the sound design, mixing and music editing. The best part was doing the music editing because it was editing the original John Williams tracks with filler and everything! Yes, there is some amazing work by the master himself, which is condensed into a tight and cool score when you buy it in iTunes, but how about all those small, very low in the mix parts between those amazing tracks? Yep, got to hear those and edit them. Which where still amazing from a film composer point of view. Movies have a lot of music that do not end up on the official soundtrack releases. If you want an example, try buying the DVD for The Matrix which has an option to listen to the movie playing only the music.

Cybertrash series: Metalstorm Trailer Freebie

Metalstorm is a real life machine gun that fires a million rounds a minute. Stumbling on this video was a shocking to see this actually exists. Therefore for us was perfect for our dystopian storyline and we decided to start our Cybertrash series with it. Cybertrash is our line of freebies. Its random public domain and deep web sound sources we use for sound design and create sample libraries with the same GUI. The idea was also to create a donationware option on the store and donate the proceeds to social services helping out refugees from wartorn countries. Sadly this option fell apart at the last minute for technical reasons. Here are the direct donation portals if you youd like to contribute: For legal refugees and low income assistance https://lafla.org/support/online-donation/ . For refugees volunteer programs charity helping refuees in los angeles: https://www.laworks.com/donate

What’s up with the weird images?

We got a few interesting comments or complaints about the imagary we use for our prodcuts and marketing. Its understandable, we live in a fast pace social media world where fake news spreads like wild fire becuase poeple do not double check the source and info. Its easier and more gratifying to write our immediate reaction to an image or news story than to go to another app, type the info and try to understand and verify any info. This darker side of social media is where our story thrives.

Because that is our story. Its a dystopain future where our anti hero pulsesetter lives. Its a wild sci fi future thats based on an algamation of many famous and not so famous stories from many movies and books. From Matrix “real World” , Black Mirror to Judge Dredd to Aliens to even current evens we deem of a dystopian nature. We as composers decided to use a “theme” for our marketing… and we went all out and big. since its the type of shows we’d like to score.

We wanted to create our own world and within that world we try to provide that dystopain angle. For example :In real life we had kids… we  decided to record a bunch of baby toys and process them to create some cool cinematic sounds.. we searched online for dystopain baby images or sci fi story lines involving babies and selected the most cool looking and gave tons of them to our designer and he came up with “Epic Babies” where Pulsesetter walks into an underground Invitrio lab cloning babies. Thats the Dystopain story which is relevant to today: Cloning better humans will result in a huge disparity between social classes that leads to war. Also a small story line in Star Trek Deep Space Nine (for the hard scifi fans) . Personally we are very decent human beings 🙂  We would like world peace like anyone else.

So dont feel offended, digusted or outraged by our images. We strive for a cool dystopain  scifi future part of a larger world where one character is trying to do its music thing while avoiding the dystopia.