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  • Support Issues – Please read first

    Our aim is to make your purchase as easy as possible but sometimes there are issues. When contacting us please read the FAQ first which might have some info on your issue which might fast track your solution. Keep in mind we get orders globally and timezones might delay response. And please make sure you know the difference between Kontakt Full vs Player before buying any sample library. Our buying process is simple; once a product if purchased you can download it from your account which you create when buying a product. We will also send an email with the download links. Please check your spam email folder as it sometimes lands there. For additional support outside of the issues in this FAQ please contact us via our contact us form and not by the info email from your order. Please note that we will no longer be answering support emails if the issue is present and answered in our FAQ/forum section. Please understand that we get daily emails asking the same questions that are available - AND answered - in our FAQ, specially Kontakt Full vs Player issues, and as a small developer these emails take up valuable sound design time. We apologize for the inconvenience but please contact us if the issue is not in the FAQ and we will gladly offer full support and normally go above and beyond to make your purchase and experience a positive one. For any troubleshooting and issues please use our contact us form: https://pulsesetter-sounds.com/home/support/contact/    

  • Kontakt library is not detected by Native Access, Says Demo or needs serial number

    The Kontakt library is only for KONTAKT FULL version and will not work with Kontakt Player. Please check before buying any Kontakt sample library. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-6-player/kontakt-6-player-vs.-kontakt-6/ Here is more info available on the web; Kontakt Player is a free version of the Kontakt sample playback engine available to download HERE. It works with libraries that the developer has paid a license fee for. Essentially, the developer buys you this playback engine. The Kontakt player gives you full access to all the sounds and all the editable parameters on the front panel. Also, unlike non-Player libraries, these libraries will also be available to load from the Kontakt Libraries pane. If the library you want to use is NOT a 'Player' library, then you need to buy the full retail version of Kontakt. Please note that non-Player library instruments will not appear in the Kontakt libraries pane and will not need to be authorized in Native Access as Player libraries need to be. Instead, these libraries will need to be loaded via the Kontakt files browser or you can add the library as a favourite to the Kontakt Quick Load window. Instruction on how to set up Quick Load can be found HERE. Here is a video from realitone stating the differences: https://youtu.be/Y-y1AACWB68      

  • Download Issues

    We use multipart Rar or zip files to be able to make smaller individual downloads. We try to keep each files less than 1gb and we use enterprise secure 3rd party servers. Sometimes downloads will be slow or stall depending on many factors like time of day, location and local connection so please try downloading one file at a time and if any file fails to download try again. Use download managers if it helps like in Chrome. Also, try using a different web browsers if you have issues with any button, graphics, link etc. as sometimes the website is not 100% compatible with specific browser/OS/system combinations. We also added Pulse Downloader application for some of our libraries for easier and secure downloads. Each product will mention if its a Pulse Downloader app.

  • Sales Discounts

    We do sales once in a while. We send discount codes and flash sales via our newsletter so please sign up. End of sales will be announced in advance via our newsletter so please sign up and take advantage of the sales.  

  • No email answers or website emails?

    Check your spam or trash folder. It will be there if you dont see it on your inbox. Or check your spam settings that might be blocking our emails. 99% times there are issues its because our emails land in your spam or trash folder. This is for both site registration and support emails. So please check your spam folder.

  • Registration Error?

    If you are using a burner or temporary email address you might be getting blocked. Please email us to give you access to the website.

  • Are Kontakt Sounds Available as Separate wavs?

    Depends on the product but normally we convert to NI propiertary nwc to protect the files and they will stay in kontakt. We will provide this info in our product webpage. We will not provide separate audio files for purchased Kontakt products.  

  • How to download and open RAR files

    Download all the rar files. IF they are zipped then unzip it and. The rar files will will be in parts and end in rar1, rar2, rar3 etc. All of these need to be downloaded an placed in the same folder. You will need a program to open rar files. For mac we recomend the free app Unrarx. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e6e5otZACs  (please download the app for the mac store or the original website. windows users are more used to rar files but here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8CQur8JSI0 winrar is useful but you can use any rar If you still have issues please google : opening multi part rar files. If it fails opening please re download the rar files.  

  • RAR Issues

    Most samples libraries use rar to compress the prodcut for delivery. Some rar application on some OS might work a little different. If you have issues extracting rars please try a different unrar application for your OS. There are many that are free. Also make sure every rar file is the same size (except for the last rar) and compare to the rar file on the downloads section. Sometimes rars get corrupted on download so please try downloading again.  If you still have issues please make sure to specifcy what OS and rar application you are using. For those new to rar, there are various tutorials online but the fast version is that you need to download all rar files into one folder, then click on the first rar (file.rar1) and it will automatically extract all. If you hit rar2 some files might not open.

  • Pulse Downloader App

    Pulse Downloader is a 3rd party download application for large sample libraries. We use Pulse downloader for certain products. To use Pulse downloader please go to pulsedownloader.com and download their free app and register for an account. If the product you purchase from us uses pulse downloader then you will recieve an email with a unique license code. This license code will also be in your account once logged in. (scroll down if you down see it). Copy the code into the pulse downloader app and select install. Once the download finishes,  you can open the zip/rar.

  • Invoices for my purchase?

    We added a new PDF invoice system and now every purchase will have a PDF invoice attached. You can also log into your account and download the invoice. If you do not see an invoice or did not get one most likley the purchase was done before adding this new system. Please email us at info at pulsesetter dot com and we will email you the PDF invoice.  

  • How do I load my sample library onto Kontakt?

    For Free or Kontakt FULL libraries that do not have serial numbers you can drag and drop the .NKI file from Finder (mac) or Explorer (windows)  directly into Kontakt Full. Or you can use the Kontakt file browser and find the nki: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002386445-Load-a-free-Sample-Library-within-Kontakt-5-Player

  • Kontakt Snapshots

    Our Kontakt libraries for the FULL version of Kontakt might contain snapshots in a separate folder. These will have to be manually installed in your system. Only Kontakt PLAYER version sample libraries install snapshots automatically. For Kontakt FULL version these snapshots have to be added manually and its common on most sample libraries.  The easiest way is to open a kontakt instance, select the wrench tool on the top left and select instrument. On the small pop up window select snapshot>show. Finder (mac) or Explorer (windows) will open the place where kontakt stores ALL snapshots. Drag and drop the snapshot folder provided. The folder name should be the same as the .nki file of the instrument. Once finished, select the exclamation point in the kontakt engine (top right). https://youtu.be/xOrqjutmBSc . You can also access these folders directly from your OS - On Mac OS X: Macintosh HD/Users/Your Name/Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt. - On Windows:C:\Users\Your Name\My Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt.

  • How do I get my product?

    Your product needs to be downloaded from the accounts page on the top right of our site. When you buy a prodcut your account is automatically created. You will need to change password and once inside your account go to the downloads section. Also, an email invoice will be sent to your email. For multiple files please check download all button and if it fails please select the individual files. >>>>>>>Please check your spam/junk folder if you dont get it. <<<<<<<<<

  • Square Payment Failed

    Square payments sometimes fails. Most of the time it is because of the currency. We are a US based company and square might need to accept payment in USD. Please switch the currency to USD if you experience issues. IF you still have issues in USD, It might because we need to updated the square connection due to do an update. Please contact us if you exprience this issue so we can check on it.

  • Are your samples royalty free?

    “Yes. Our samples are royalty free. No additional license needed or credit required, or any further fees or documentation to use them in any way for music production libraries, scores, commercial music, Radio/tv commercials, theatrical, streaming, youtube, singing in the shower, playing DJ in a restaurant, beaming it to space etc.  As long as you are making music, or using the sounds in a music context, or using the sounds to create new SFX by modifying it for a music or post production project you are good to go. Just don’t use the samples to create a new sample library product or give them away or resell them or upload to any file sharing type site or tech. If the sounds are provided in "Stems" and are isolated then that’s also ok.  But give us a shout out in our social media pages or music forums if you end up using them for a cool project. We might share your post...Obviously that last part is not mandatory :)”  

  • I Have Account Password Issues

    To access your prodcuts you need an account. An account automatically gets created when placing an order and you can later choose a password to go back to your account. The store will send you a reset password email. Many times it lands in spam folders so please check. Our password requirements are strong: 12 characters and mix of numbers and simbols. This is due becuase it reduces the chances of your account and therefore the rest of the site to be hacked. Please use password managers or use a phrase with spaces and add a symbol and number.  

  • Can I review your product?

    Yes, we like reviews. It helps us out to see how composers use our products. Please email us at [email protected] with your youtube channel link or magazine for more info.

  • How do I find my account?

    In the main page, upper right. Your account info was created when you bought a product. You will need create a password to register the account. We don't see the password so if you loose it you will have a chance to change it in the "forgot password" link. Please make your password simple but unique to this site to ensure security.

  • Product installation?

    We provide a manual with info how to install the soundsets and sample libraries in your computer. The manuals can be found on the product  page and will show installation guides do you can check it out before buying. If its a soundset, please follow the guides to install 3rd party soundsets for that specific soft synth. IF its a kontakt library please make sure you know the difference between kontakt player and kontakt full edition are. For kontakt full edition you can just drag and drop our .nki files into kontakt the library will load without serial number needed. For kontakt player edition libraries please follow the normal Native Instruments install guide and authorizations.  

  • Any discount or bundles?

    Yes, we continually offer discounts and will offer bundles. We offer flash sales, new product sales so please sign up for our newsletter (top right on main page)

  • Do you do custom work?

    Yes, we do our soundsets and samples for the movie/projects we work with so we are constantly working with different composers.

  • Privacy policy?

    We have it in the lower page and on each product. In short; we only keep your email for our newsletter which we only use for new products and offers. We don't like spam ourselves so we keep it to a minimum. You can easily opt out. Payment is done through Paypal/square and we can't see any sensitive info. We do not sell or hold any user information. We don't track users but the website might leave cookies.

  • License Agreement?

    Its simple; use our products to create music, don't share it in torrents or other file sharing programs and don't create samples from our products or re-sell our products.

  • What is Pulsesetter?

    PulseSetter is a fictional character we created to convey our passion for sci - fi. He is from a dystopian future in a crowded sealed off megacity surrounded by toxic no-mans land. They live under a hard rule of law and as such many subversions remain underground and active. Pulsesetter is the unsung hero who drives passion through his music. Using a mix of old technology and new he performs and encourages passion in an stale underworld.. yet he wants no part of any confrontation and remains neutral... but thats not what the security forces think. Check our comic strip at the bottom of the main page.

  • Contact info?

    Please use our contact us at the bottom of the page and fill in your info.

  • Personal contact info?

    We will still answer to personal email. [email protected] Add a note for the persons name.

  • Return Policy?

    Sorry, since it is a digital download there are no return or money back. Please check out our very long videos to make sure if your purchase beforehand.  

  • Do you offer educational discounts?

    Sorry, at this time we do not offer educational discount but this might change in the future so please check our FAQ for any updates.

  • Feature Suggestions

    We like knowing customer feedback so please let us know. We also work and are friends with many media composers in Los Angeles and we constantly ask them what they need and how they work and our features are normally a reflection of this. Also, it depends on the cost of GUI development vs cost of sound design and other reasons which is how we decide our products and GUI.

  • Affiliate and Distribution info

    We are always looking to meet new people and opportunities. For affiliate relationships: https://pulsesetter-sounds.com/affiliate-home/affiliate-login/  ---   -- -- https://pulsesetter-sounds.com/affiliate-home/affiliate-register/ --- https://pulsesetter-sounds.com/affiliate-home/ For Distribution please email us at [email protected]