Cello Ibrida

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Cello Ibrida is a Sound Design sample libary for Kontakt (FULL edition) for cinematic composers that combines Cello samples, hybrid sound design and analog synths. 260 patches where used to create 500+ film oriented snapshots inside a powerfull performance oriented GUI that makes use of an advance matrix effects section, sequencers and lfos to provide extended controls for live performances ideal for scoring. Cello Ibrida combines cello live textures, loops, multisamples pads and analog synths to create ideal modern sounds for film composers.

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-260 Patches: Cello, Hybrid, Pads, Loops, Sfx

-500+ Snapshots made from patches.

-6gb Sample content

-Film composing oriented sounds

-Advanced Kontakt GUI (Not Player compatible)

-MIDI assignable cc parameters for Macro1&2, Xfade and LFOs



Quick Walkthrough

Snapshots Walkthrough



Cello Ibrida contains different types of sampling and sound design techniques inside one advanced GUI. The concept relies on not focusing on a single traditional library concept but several that when combined will bring out modern sounds that retain an organic sound. A cello section was recorded to do “texture” articulations and multisample.  From there we edited and processed a variety of sound design style patches to create low pulses, hybrid plucks, pads and sfx.

Our matrix GUI contains a two layer system each with its own effects chain, LFOs, Sequencer and gate. But the magic happens in the performance matrix page where two macros, two envelope sequencers and velocity source modulators can be individually assigned to different master effects, chord maker and a detuner. This enables even the simplest of sounds to be continuously modulated and ever changing. Additionally, we added CC assignable inputs for crossfade, macro1/2 and LFO rate/amount to let composers modulate all these parameters in real time and thus, creating a great performance sound design instrument.

We love sound design and recording a cello section to later use it as a sound playground was just the start. There was also a cheap blue cello involved that barley survived the mangling when recording it. There is also Gabriel Di Marco’s (Bear McCreary Cellist)  amazing Cello sound and we also sampled a Moog sub37, the Arturia Matrixbrute and finally we also ran the Cello multi samples through Euroracks and Cassette decks . We call these patches “soundsources” and there are about 260 of them. From there we made more than 500 snapshots and we still didnt get to use all of them! You can mix and match and create your own.

In Depth

We decided to start of with recording a cello section doing orchestral evolving textures as a basis of our sound design process. The idea was to expand from there and create pads but we kept going and going. We also recorded some basic multi samples and process each individual note so it sounded crushed, overdistorted or just ran it through granular processors to create short and long notes. Since everything was made with round robin and multi sampled (pitched), this is a time consuming process but also rewarding. With individual notes, textures and pads, the next step was to create bass loops.

Most of the library is based on the bass and lower mids where the Cello gets its most signature sound. The raw sound of the Cello lower strings provide a very visceral feel thats great for cinematic sound design. We also recorded a student real size Cello which was not only ugly but sounded very aggressive. Not a tone deem for orchestral passages but great for horror sounds. Scrapes with hemp, sticks, loose tuning and loose screws provide a very familiar sound reminiscent of many horror scores. These were also further processed and made into loops that work great for rhythmic beds.

Once we were done, one thing was noticeable, it needed a different more present tone to take it into a more modern sound so we sampled a Moog sub37, Arturia Matrixbrute and VirusTI. This enhances the sound when used in the dual layer GUI by letting composers choose any of the 260 patches of either real cello, hybrid cello, sfx cello and synth as a soundsource to create their own unique snapshots. We made 500+ snapshots but we highly recommend making your own.

Another neat feature of our advance matrix engine is the ability of add midi cc to either the macro1, crossfade and LFOs. Paired with the motion leap controller, Cello Ibrida will be hours of fun “performing” the sounds just by moving your hand through the air. The motion leap can also be used with any sample library or synth that has MIDI cc capability beyond cc1 and cc11.

We at PulseSetter-Sounds want to create an alternative orchestral sample library for composers who work on video games, modern tv and film scores so recording real orchestral instruments and using unique sound design techniques is not only fun to do but feel this is something that will be immensely useful for inspiration, as filler, or just to add a touch modern sound design under your “real” orchestral score without bringing unwanted attention to it. We hope you enjoy this product and we welcome feedback as we prepare to sample a live orchestra. And yes… just for the sound design, because we know you already have 34 string sample libraries… but none as unique and different as Cello Ibrida.


Cello Ibrida is an extremely versatile library of masterfully designed sounds. The raw patches are great and super useful, but the real magic happens with the range of tasty sounding tools you’re giving us: the leads and basses, the pads and ambiences, and especially the loops and pulses!!  I can’t believe you guys created all this goodness with Celllos! You’ve outdone yourselves Pulsetters!!


    – Sandro Morales





Main page contains a two layer engine to load any of the 260 sounds. A crossfader with an LFO enables both rhythmic combinations or use a simple mix of or another soundsource. A big macro knob that’s assignable. Two independent sequencers and two LFOs. Macro1, LFO and Xfade have CC MIDI controls that can be user assignable. This feature lets composers modulated several parameters via their existing MIDI controllers.

The effects page contain the effects of each layer. Filter, Lofi and Distortion have fx step sequencer for more sound design posibilities. Amp modeler also has distorion for additional firepower. These effects are independent from the Performance Matrix page and Main page.

The performance matrix page is a complex system based on matrix synths from the past. Two Macro controls, two envelope squencer and note velocity are used as sources to send the master signal to several master effects, a chord maker and detuner. Each macro has its own MIDI cc input which enables composers to use each for a different purpose. For example, one macro to filter out the signal when scoring a suspense scene but use the other macro to destroy the sound when the killer attacks! Or any combination desired. All while the envelopes progress through octave mode or minor 9th or fx convolution sounds.

Midi-Motion Leap

Motion Leap controller (sold separately ) can be found for $40-60 in the used market. Its a device that recognizes hand gesture movements and translates it into software info. Paired with the free Geco midi software, the Leap controller can let composers change any midi CC in realtime. Great to create a sound design performance and control your usual sample libraries with a new point of view.

Here is a few examples of using the Motion Leap Controller with Cello Ibrida. The Leap controller can be used with any synth or sample library that has midi cc. Here is the full tutorial to set it up and more info. https://youtu.be/X7B-HOfggh4

System Requirements


-You must already own Kontakt 5.8+ FULL (Please search the difference between player and full version). 

-Kontakt FULL version required  (There will be NO serial numbers for this Kontakt Library)

– Mac or Windows. 

– 5GB of HD space

-i5 or i7 or powerfull enough computer. This engine takes significant cpu.  

-Snapshots have to be installed separately. Please see the video manual or search online.  

-For any presales questions, support or additional info visit our FAQ or forum prior to contacting us.

-No returns for digital products.  

-Download via Pulse Downloader. After purchase a download license will be provided to be used on the Pulse downloader app. 

We are using Pulse Downloader to download the Cello Ibrida sample library. Please visit www.PulseDownloader.com to download, register and install the Pulse app. (We are not the same company)

After purchasing Cello Ibrida, an email with the license code will provided. Copy this code into the Pulse App  and download Cello Ibrida to your desire location.

The Pulse license code will also be available under your account orders/downloads.

Please note this code is NOT a Native Instrument kontakt Player serial. It is only to download the product. This product will be individually watermarked and tracked if its uploaded to any torrent site.



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