Cinematic Trailer SFX Anthology Vol1


A collection of 150+ custom designed sound effects for video editors. We hand picked the best sounds from our previous releases that crossover with the type of sounds video editors use in an easy to use wav package. These SFX include large hits, wooshes, tonal hits, risers and stingers and include metadata.  These royalty free sfx have sound sources ranging from kids toys to LAPD junk yard car bashing, Musical instruments and modern synths…  and even sounds recorded by profesionals that not only work mixing top shows but also won emmys.



Sounds For Video Editors

156 Wave Files

Hits, Transitions, Risers, Stingers

Hand Picked Collection of Previous Releases

Metadata Included

Made by Award Winning Sound Designers

In 48,000/ 24bit Format


Wave Files for Video Editors. 


Metadata Included

Recording Session at the LAPD Junk Yard.

Emmy Winner Kyle O’Neil (Westworld) and Barry Wier (UFC, The Voice, etc) Recording raw sound effects for Film, Trailer and TV.


We hand picked a selection of SFX wavs from our previous releases to be used by video editors. Our previous releases were confined to Kontakt full 3rd party players that extend the functionality for composers and were also packed with multisampled instruments. Video editors, on the other hand, don’t use or need this extra functions but need an easy way to access the sounds that work for TV and trailer editing which crosses over what trailer composers use like braams, tonal hits, risers etc.

Therefore we now offer a separate collection of individual sound effects which were made from all types of source material from our previous releases. These include baby toys recorded and processed to sound like huge trailer hits, recordings from machine guns to sounds like braams, overblown electric guitars to create tonal stingers, and a wide collection of analog synths recordings, plus all the newer generation of wavetable and granular synths that help turn simple sounds into modern edge sound effects.

Our friend Kylo O’neil, who won an Emmy on his work on HBO’s Westworld, recorded custom raw sounds to be processed. These include wooshes, metal bangs, locker rattles, wood breaking and much more. Kyle knew what type of sounds we would find most useful for processing and turn into SFX for TV and trailer editors.

We also had our friend Barry Wier who mixes and does the sound for American Idol, The Voice, UFC and movies, do a session at a factory were many industrial sounds were used to add mechanical and raw sounds to our collection.

We also went to the LAPD junk yard to record hits, bangs, breaks, wooshes and rattles from all sort of metal junk. These were great for larger than life hits.

Since we are always looking to find what the best of the best sound designers are using, you will find professional grade sfx and we will be releasing more with updated tools and sounds as the sfx market changes and this way keeping it fresh.


Original Custom Recordings. Post Production Sounds.

Our Friends Kyle (Emmy award winner for Westworld) and Barry (American Idol, The Voice, UFC) Made some custom recordings of impacts. wooshes, bangs. We also processed toys sounds, animal sounds, submarine pings, sirens, pianos, processed to create impacts, braams, distorted leads and trailer sirens.

Real Instruments

Analog Synthesizers (Moog Sub37, Matrixbrute, Slim Phatty, Deepmind etc) Electric Guitars (Gibson SG, Fender, Jackson 7 String, Ibanez 6 String Bass), Pedals (Various), Modular Synths, Brass Instruments. All were played, edited, processed, mixed and custom mapped to create unique sounds for Trailers.

Synth Sound Design

Hundreds of custom sounds made with almost every software synthesizer. Great for wavetable, FM, Analog modeling, complex DSP effects chains to render out one shots, braams, leads, bass, keys etc.

kyle emmy

Emmy Winner (HBOs Westorld) Kyle O’Niel took some time at his busy shedule at South Lake Post for us to create some custom raw sounds tailored to TV/Film SFX. 

Rerecording Mixer Barry Wier has been mixing non-stop tv (American Idol, The Voice, UFX etc) and movies but took some time off and gave some cool raw factory sounds when visting seattle. Tax write off for sure… but we got some amazing sounds! 

bary wier

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