Aggressive sound design trailer sample library Instrument for Kontakt (FULL). Hundreds of aggressive one shots, impacts and multisamples for Trailer composers to “perform” sound design style of trailer music.  Best of the modern analog, wavetable, fm synths and guitar samples have been processed to create modern sounds for your next trailer music placement. This unique sample library fills a niche  to expand your sound design ideas by letting you perform the sounds and inspire you to create rhythmic tonal foundations for your tracks. Tons of aggressive sounds, round robin impacts and huge amount of Brammers will keep you stocked on original sound sources or ready made sounds.



Detonator:RAGE – Sample Library for Kontakt


Perform Sound Design:


Play hundreds of tonal sound design elements along with impacts to create fast paced trailer hits. Or use the elements to create your own unique sound.

Custom Tonal Sound Sources:


Sounds from custom modern and vintage analog synths, wavetable/FM synths, real brass, animal and other post fx sounds as well as sampling guitars in weird ways.

Big Impacts:


Impacts made from our Emmy award winner friend who recording a huge amount of trailer type impacts using car parts, lockers, wood and more. Later processed several times for round robin impacts.

Trailer Hits Galore:


Mixed, processed and ready to sync.



Detonator Rage is truly a standout product for trailer composers. It has become my new go-to library for aggressive rhythms and hard hitting impacts, both major components in modern film advertising campaigns. The sheer amount of content in this library is astounding, and every sound is so carefully crafted with incredible attention to detail. I especially love how playable the library is, allowing me to perform a complex rhythmic tonal foundation from a single patch. To top it off, the library allows the composer to flesh out a rhythmic bed with fully mapped melodic instruments, such as submarine style pianos or trailer appropriate synth leads. I can see Detonator Rage becoming a staple in the industry for years to come.”
-Cody Still  (Really Slow Motion Trailer Music, Colossal Trailer Music, GiantApes Music) (Trailer Placements Star wars, Spiderman, Justice League, Avengers)


“”Detonator Rage is very usable library, which brings you a fresh ideas to write a new cue with only few sounds. Great Hits and Perc Loops, Synths and Pads, Signature sounds and Braams. The library is very various. I was surprised with this library, because the GUI and logic of this interface provides you additional feautures and functions, to realize your ideas. Definitely recommend! “

-Nick Road  (Really Slow Motion Trailer Music, Colossal Trailer Music) (Trailer Placements: Alita, Hellboy Avengers etc)




Detonator Rage is a killer!  It’s a total one stop shop for great sounds, that help to jump start great music for scoring.  As soon as I opened it, I was able to start using it my cues.  Keep bringing the great content!!!”

Michael Nielsen (Ninja Tracks)


Elements Page


-44.1k – 24 Bit (Processed in 96k)

-9GB Uncompressed (5gb Compressed)

-Royalty Free

-Sources recorded in 96k

Effects Page


-For Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8+

-Kontakt Full Only

-280 Instruments

-Custom GUI with Big Knob

-Filter, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Pan.

Performance & Pad Creator Page


-Performance Patches (Load all hits)

-Trailer Elements (Brass, synth, guitar, pads, plucks, loops)

-Impacts (Round robin and non round robin )


Detonator:Rage  is our first library of our “Detonator” Trailer Sample Libraries series. We aim for unique , big and aggressive Trailer sample libraries instruments and explore new ways to do sound design. Some of our sound designers and friends also compose for Trailer music libraries in Los Angeles and gave us an opportunity to expand on what would be cool to do and hope trailer publishers find the next sound design hit in your compositions.

:Rage harness the idea of rhythmic tonal sound design heard in many big block buster trailers. Since this normally is a tedious process on doing the sound design, creating an arrangement and then composing over it (or vice versa) Rage helps out composers trigger hundreds of braamming, guitarish, synthy, distored type of sounds along with impacts and create fast counterpointing tonal rhythms and later add on more organic elements like taikos and orchestral arrangements..or not. we don’t judge. But with our impacts elements having been recorded by emmy award winning engineers, and using very expensive modern analog synth that utilize new techniques for aggressive tones we hope you can also use these elements to start your sound design process and further expand on it.

Talking about impacts. many trailer composers use impacts to use as accents on heavy taiko rhythms so we expanded this idea of impacts to create round robin impacts and play huge impacts like any real live drum multi sample instrument, hence giving the impression of a more organic live feel without the machine gun effect. Obviously, this is not an easy task since each impact needs to be processed several times to achieve a level of difference perceivable to the human ear but not too different as to distract from other elements.  And don’t forget to try out our sequenced impact hits with round robin, a selection of gui sequenced impacts that will get your creative juices flowing in no time.

There are also hundreds of Full trailer hits. This can be played straight out of our GUI or as some have initial swoosh, they are also available as wav files to be dragged into your DAW.

Hope you enjoy using this product as much as it was creating it. Hundreds of man hours and equipment to produce and still feel we only scratch the surface on this style.






DETONATOR for Kontakt is a Sample Library for the Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8 and up for both windows and Mac. The system requirements for DETONATOR for Kontakt will be the same system requirements than for Kontakt 5.8+ and above. It will NOT work with Kontakt Player, it will only work with Kontakt full version.  Intel i5/i7+ and 16gb+ of ram is recommended. If you have any doubts please visit our FAQ or email us BEFORE buying. All sales are final so please check. 


Pulse Downloader

We are moving our sample libraries onto PulseDownloader (separate company). Pulsedownloader is a sample library download system used by many sample library companies to facilitate easy and fast downloads. After you purchase Detonator:Rage, an email with a license code will be emailed to you. This license code is not a Kontakt serial number. It is a code to be used on the Pulsedownloader application you download from In the Pulse downloader app, select + Add a product and paste the Detonator:Rage code and the library will be downloaded to your prefered location. Please note that for those who purchased Detonator:Rage prior to Dec2020 will still have access the library on their account and do not need a download code.

Due to this transition period, your purchase confirmation email will contain both the separate .rar folders (which can be downloaded once by one from your account) and also the PulseDownloader redeem code. Both are for the same product. PulseDownlaoder will be far easier and faster so we recommend using the redeem code and not the .rar files.



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