Dystopian Guitars


Dystopian Guitars is a new kind of Kontakt library designed to cover all your modern hybrid guitar needs and much more. This is a massive instrument with 3 years in the making and covering a wide range of sounds, from clean and dreamy atmospheres to hellish industrial tones. This unique library aims to be an all-inclusive solution for cinematic modern guitars.

It includes several of our so-called natural solo and unnatural solo instruments; customizable ensembles capable of performing multisample instruments together with loops; pulses and sequences; a playable pulse designer with several guitar and bass pulses; a collection of acoustic and processed shimmer instruments which are various combinations of fast arpeggios and tremolos that will add movement, air, and expression to any kind of score; several organic pads and ambiences; guitar tools and FX, as well as our most powerful sequencer to date.









101 PADS









A new kind of ensemble:

Ensembles are complex instruments that by combining loops, multisample guitars, pads, sequences and other elements, let you perform in a very organic way several layers of music at the same time. They are very useful for film composers and let you perform and quickly compose a full scene. They also work as a starting point when writing sketches or building a unique palette. The possibilities are endless.

Solo Ins v2 3d
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.52.06 PM

Natural and unnatural solo instruments:

We included several multisample guitars and other string instruments, plus their alter egos, which are hybrid Frankensteins that work great for writing modern film music. As we usually do at Pulsesetter, we tried to tweak even the natural versions by sampling them in unusual ways. This includes sampling an acoustic guitar by mostly playing open strings or slapping an electric bass with different kind of sticks.

Add life to your score by using shimmers:

The shimmers are various fast arpeggios and tremolos combos that will add movement, air and expression to any kind of score, from an intimate piano song, to a big sweeping orchestral scene. We included several acoustic versions, as well as processed versions, to match any style. You can also mix and match your own combos.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.44.53 PM
Pulse Designer 3d

Live pulses

We included several kinds of pulses and loops that will match many different styles. In addition to hundreds of pulses, we included “playable” versions of these, where you can play chords or combine loops in different keys. This allows for a very organic way of using loops. Plus, we included a Pulse Designer that lets you combine most loops, which you can perform in one pass.

Beautiful and terrifying pads and ambiences

We included more than a hundred customizable pads that you can also mix and match in pairs, plus a powerful FX sequencer that lets you customize them and make them unique to you

IMG_2767 fixed



Crazy Tools and FXs

Here we added a number of different instruments that didn’t fit any other category, like infinite raisers and downers, guitar impacts and scrapes, chords, a feedback machine and others.

Robust sequencing

Besides being able to sequence all the FXs available in our FX GUI, you can take advantage of our powerful quad sequencer that will let you work with four independent lines, and combine note sequencers and arpeggiators in a very intuitive and musical way.

Sequecner 2 3d

Kontakt guitar heaven

By taking advantage of the newer Kontakt guitar FXs, we were able to build very organic instruments, combining new Kontakt FXs with our own “baked” versions using our guitar and synth rigs. For example, by using our Muted Metal Guitar Combo you can play very convincing heavy grooves without the need of external effects or external guitar software. We had so much fun with this, that decided to include a whole set of metal sequences.

With 21.32gig of material you will need some time to fully explore this library. We hope you find several inspiring instruments that will now live in your template, which you’ll use in project after project!



“Dystopian Guitars is a great and inspirational library. I started writing music the minute I tried it. I have high expectations from guitar libraries, as I am a guitar player myself, and found Dystopian Guitars to be very practical and usable right out of the box. Highly recommended!”

World of Warcraft, 4-time Grammy nominee, sixty-five studio albums

“I am a huge ambient guitar fan and Dystopian Guitars has given me a unique and playable library of pulses, pads and soundscapes that sound like no other. I have used them in everything from score in TV and film to song production. I continue to find creative inspiration in everything Pulsesetter Sounds makes!”

The Middle, Little People Big World


“Pulsesetters Dystopian, like all their libraries, is made by composers for composers. And it shows. The sounds are top notch but most importantly they each carry emotion and really help tell a story, even by themselves. That’s a rare thing in sample libraries. But they also partner incredibly well with orchestra and other layers, making easy and tasteful work of building or sustaining tension and pace. Among the plethora of libraries out there in the sample world, Dystopian is fresh and original, and far beyond anything I’ve encountered in this genre. Much more than just a toolbox.”

David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies 3D, Manhattan Night



  • You must already own Kontakt 5.7+ FULL (Please search the difference between player and full version).
  • Kontakt FULL version required  (There will be NO serial numbers for this Kontakt Library)
  • Mac or Windows. 
  • 16GB of HD space
  • For any pre-sales questions, support or additional info visit our FAQ or forum prior to contacting us
  • No returns for digital products  
  • Download via Pulse Downloader. After purchase a download license will be provided to be used on the Pulse downloader app.



We are using Pulse Downloader (separate company) to download the Dystopian Guitars sample library. Please visit www.PulseDownloader.com to download and install the Pulse app.

After purchasing Dystopian Guitars, an email with the license code will provided. Copy this code into the Pulse app  and download Dystopian Guitars to your desire location.

The Pulse license code will also be available under your account orders/downloads.

Please note this code is NOT a Native Instrument Kontakt Player serial. It is only to download the product. This product will be individually watermarked and tracked if it’s uploaded to any torrent site.

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  • What’s needed to use this product?

Kontakt Full (Paid version) is needed to run Dystopian Guitars in any DAW. No wav, separate loops, are included.

  • Kontakt Full vs Player?

Native Instruments “encodes” libraries to appear in the left tab. These will be Kontakt “Player” compatible. Kontakt “FULL” , like Dystopian Guitars sample libraries will not work this way and will need the PAID version of Kontakt.

  • Where is my serial numbers?

Dystopian Guiatrs is not a Kontakt PLAYER library and therefore a serial number will NOT be provided. The Serial number in our emails is only for the pulse downloader app.

  • Library is in DEMO mode?

That means you have Kontakt PLAYER and NOT Kontakt FULL. We are placing this information in many places and a HUGE WARNING for those who do not have Kontakt FULL version. Kontakt Full comes with NI Komplete. And it Kontakt FULL will let you use tons of freebies available from many developers, so it is a great software that will let you play an incredeble amount of very well made freebies, even if its a little pricey to get into. Highly recommended.

  • PULSE DOWNLOADER Part of PulseSetter?

No, Pulsedownloader is a well known and trusted 3rd party download application used by many sample library companies. We do not share information with each other so any issues with Pulse Downloader will need to be sent directly to them.

  • PULSE DOWNLOADER work flawlessly?

Yes, the only extra step is going to the Pulsedownloader.com site and downloading and registering to have your own account. That account will be for any sample library company and not exclusive with PulseSetter-Sounds. Once registered, you copy our serial number provided from PulseSetter-Sounds and the library will be downloaded to your specified location. Please do not “overwrite” any folder you have as it may delete anything inside to replace it with the new download.

  • Is this library for Metal or Film Music?

This Library can be used for different music genres since it follows what Film music does, which also can have many genres. It has palm mute and metal style multi samples, organic film pulses, tradicional multi samples and much more. Please check out our videos for more in depth info.

  • Missing Samples or Content?

Our files are .nki for kontakt and some of them contain one instrument while others might have a dropdown rectangle that needs to be pressed in order to see it. IT mgiht be “Pulses.nki” and you play 12 pulses and think thats it, but if you press the dropdown menu there can be up to 10 or more pulses of 12 each. If any samples are missing we recommend re-downloading the library. We tested and confirmed that no samples are missing. But we did hear that there where not many patches when in fact the users where not selecting the dropdown menu with a ton of patches.

  • What is Natural vs Unnatural?

Natural instruments are the traditional multi samples or samples where for example its recording a Nylon guitar per note and mapping it in Kontakt. Unnatural goes a step beyond and grabs those recorded traditional instruments and sample by sample we process it with different DSP tecnique and tools to get a unnatural/processed sound. Its a very time consuming process and its to get an unusual sound design great for film and modern music. It can go from long reverb to distorted. So unnatural patches are also captured this way from effects processors like AXEFX2, Eventide, etc. Some worked, some didnt and we carefully selected the best.