Massive Fuel


Massive Fuel is a Trailer music oriented soundset for Native Instruments Massive. 128 patches divided into 7 categories like breams (tonal hits)  and pulses that will bring modern trailer music production to your fingertips. Each sound has been assigned eight macro controller options for further sound mangling and bring more life to a track. In addition, each sound has been rendered into wav files and mapped into sampler instruments. Plus a bonus section of big trailer hits have been produce and split into stems for inspiration and playability.

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-128 Patches for ni massive

-Tailer music oriented sounds

-Cayegory Include: Braams, Pulses, Rier, Drowners,Pads, Hits.

-Each patch sound rendered into wav

-Bonus custom processed trailer hits

-Wav files mapped to most commons samplers

Selected Patches Walkthrough


Massive’s strong character works great for trailer music. Massive Fuel brings 128 patches of pulses, Pads, Impacts, Braams and FX which take advantage of the 8 macro knobs for extra flexibility and performance

Each patch of Massive Fuel was rendered in wav and mapped in the most common samplers. In Addition, a bonus section of custom made trailer hits made with Fuel also has been added.


“I really enjoyed working with Massive Fuel soundset for Massive. Sounds are neatly sorted in groups so finding the right sound you need is pretty easy. Sounds are versatile and flexible and powerful. This set contains everything you need to make anything from inovative hybrid sound design tunes, heavy hitting trailers or fast cut action scenes to mellow pads, sinister pulses and apocalyptic subs. Since epic hybrid sound design is really my thing, I must say this soundset is going to be my top shelf tool for my future projects.”

-Marko Tica (Trailer Composer)


128 Trailer Oriented Sounds

Rendered to Common Samplers

Bonus Trailer Hits and Breakout Stems

System Requirements

Compatible with Mac and Windows computers that host NI Massive.

Please note this soundset needs Massive Synthesizer  to work. Available at Native Instrument website.