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268 patches of Cinematic and Video Game Scoring for U-he’s Zebra2 synth. This soundset provides modern edge sounds in a composer-friendly layout based on stems which provides the flexibility of stacking different parts or one-note-glory performances. The composer can easily add as few or as many elements as needed and combine Pulsor with other instruments. It can also be used to compose a whole scene of modern sounds featuring some of the richer and more complex pulses available in Zebra2.

Pulsor focuses on full pulsating beds of original sounds which will pace any score and propel any scene to the direction the producer desires while keeping a modern edge.

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Massive’s strong character works great for trailer music. Massive Fuel brings 128 patches of pulses, Pads, Impacts, Braams and FX which take advantage of the 8 macro knobs for extra flexibility and performance

Each sound in Pulsor I has a complex patch and several stem patches. Each stem of the complex patch can be customized individually fore greater flexibility. Like a sound but not the lead sequence melody? No problem, use the stems and change the lead sequence to use your own scale. Same for the bass rhythms and mod envelopers and hit hats like synths.


“Pulsor library for Zebra, with its individual stems that combine to make more complex patches, is a really unique and useful approach, making it easy to zero in on the components I want to use inside more complex patches. Definitely recommended.”  –Charlie Clouser  (SAW franchise, Wayward Pines, Resident Evil : Extinction, Numb3rs)

“I’m excited about using PulseSetter Sounds new library PULSOR in my upcoming projects.”

Joseph Trapanese (Oblivion, The Divergent Series, Tron Legacy, Straight Outta Compton, The Raid)


System Requirements

Pulsor1 is compatible with U-He Zebra2 in both Mac and Windows. Please note you need U-he Zebra2 for this soundset to work.