Cinematic Soundset for Omnisphere 2.5 based on string soundsources from its Core Library. Re:Coil contains patches made from violins, cello, guitar, cuatro and many odd devices which contain strings as the source. This limit on soundsources creates a sofisticated sound to Re:Coil thats instant cinematic. Great for Documentaries or drama, as soon as you listen to the patches you will know it will make any score sound like a million bucks!


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Cinematic oriented soundset. Useful for TV dramas, Sci-Fi Video Games and Music Libraries. Pulsating basses, organic tones and emotive pads, these 200+   bring in that Hollywood feel to any project. Simple categories: Pulses, Pads and Keys.  Mod Wheel assignments for the most useful in a media scoring environment.

Here is an example made by Sandro Morales using only Re:Coil

The onboard soundsoures in Omnisphere are amazing and vast. The limit to only strings (mostly metal) helps not only spark creativity but also make a cohesive soundset thats easy to make any score sound like you’ve hired a profesional musicians and sound designer. Isnt there anything else more common in film music that string instruments? From Cellos to Guitars and Ethnic to DIY wired instruments, using these soundsources will provide an instant familiarity that will make your score feel like a million bucks.

The new 2.5 update from Spectraonics dives into more advance sequencing options which many of the patches use. If you havent done so, head over to Spectrasonics and get your update.


Re-Coil is awesome! It has an atmospheric vibe which is mysterious and thrilling at the same time, great for cinematic textures as well as ambient pads and delicate percussive sounds. Thank you PulseSetter for another fantastic offering, looking forward to more!

Julio d’Escrivan
The Nerve Music (UK), Sencit Music (LA)


System Requirements

-You must already own Spectrasonics Omnisphere2.5. 

– Mac or Windows. 

-This soundset uses the onboard “CORE” sounds in Omnisphere 2.5. 

-This soundset will not work on previous versions of Omnisphere (under 2.5). 

-Install via the provided .omnisphere file. (check videos and info in google or the manual)

-For any presales questions, support or additional info visit our FAQ or forums prior to contacting us.

-No returns for digital products.  



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