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This freebie sample library for Cinematic Composers contains 80+ kontakt (FULL) patches.

Reverxis is a set of reverse guitar sound design instruments to aid film composers in creating unique textural and pulsating sounds for drama style scores. Each guitar loop was played, edited and manipulated to end up in reversed. There are 40 reverse loops that are mapped across the keyboard to create a playable polyphonic instrument. Play reverse pulsating chords, melody lines or simple one notes for a modern tension inducing score.

There are also cinematic pads and plucks which also contains reverse samples mapped in a way they can be performed.

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Reverxis Walkthrough


sample library for film composers
reverse guitar loops
playable polyphonically
38 guitar loops
20 pads
20 plucks
1GB in size


Reverxis is a collection of reversed guitar based sound design loops for film composers that where made by playing guitar lines, reversing then and applying differnt sound design techniques.
These guitar loops are later mapped in kontakt so they can be played like a whole new instrument which sound like pulsating rhythmns.
In addition to the loops, there are cinematic pads and reversed pluck that complement the loops instruments.
These style of sounds are great for dramatic scores for film, video games and tv to add a mordern spice to rhythmic pulses.
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System Requirements

reverxis for kontakt is a sample library for native instruments kontakt 5.7+ full edition for both windows and mac.
this instrument will not work with the free kontakt player edition. 
windows or mac. 8gb+ ram intel i5+ (recommended). 
1gb of free hard drive space.

(All sales are final so please make sure to read system requirements and ask questions BEFORE buying)



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