Subversive is a newly designed soundset for U-he’s Repro-1 and Repro-5 that contains 200 patches of modern vintage film and video game score oriented sounds. Whereas Repro-1 and Repro-5 offer a faithful recreation of the old vintage synthesizers, Subversive uses their power to harness the vintage feel while placing the sounds in a modern era score.

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Subversive Walkthrough


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Going too retro might not be ideal for a director who wants something like “Stranger Things” or “Blade Runner 2049”. Subversive brings in that analogue synth style but with a modern approach and none of the cheesy 70s sounds.

Retro-1 and Retro-5 come together when bought from U-He.com but their patches are not compatible with each other. Therefore we provided two soundsets with different sounds that harness the best of each synths. Retro1 uses an advance step sequencer that we use to program modern, non-complicated patterns to leave room for an orchestra. Repro5 on the other hand has a thick sound great for pads and basses.


Repro1 Imitates Pro One

Soundsets Replicating the Hardware Sound

Repro5 Imitates Prophet5

System Requirements

Compatible with Mac and Windows computers that host U-he REPRO. Please note this soundset needs U-He Repro to work. Available at U-he.com. Repro5 now available with Repro, please download Retro updates and info at U-he.com.