Our vision of a dystopian future slowly fulfilling itself became more real with the GDPR (European privacy laws) . And with a jealous eye we see how our EU brothers are fighting what seems to be common sense; Do not let evil corporations use or sell our private information in a way we do not like. Humans are not products and we value our privacy.

We at PulseSetter-Sounds have been very clear on our privacy policy and use a common man lingo instead of legalese wording trying to hide something. While reading the GDPR rules we realized its just what we always thought should be common policy. We let people know about our newsletter and that we only use customers emails to send newsletters about upcoming products or important sale events which are easily unsubcribable. We do not hold on to any other info or any way to identify anyone besides their email. We do not hold any customer credit card or passwords. Nor we buy or sell customer lists or any other personal information. We use 3rd party payment processing systems from paypal and stripe so we do not see any credit card or financial info or anyway to use any info to do anything else. Our website is setup (SSL) with the intent to be secure and that we don’t have to deal with anyone’s personal info.

And we do it (and have being doing so since the beginning) for a simple reason; we also buy music related products for our own personal musical projects and we do not want our privacy to be compromised. So we applied that common sense philosophy to our web store.

And to be more transparent: that image is of Freddy and Gmo (owners) waiting in line to see the Conan o’brain show in Burbank CA. Freddy Composes for well known TV series and films and Gmo does music production and sound design who used to work for a MPAA facility dealing with FOX, Disney, Warner, Sony high end tv Shows/films and had to go through yearly FBI background checks for MPAA certification. So we are really not into buying or selling of data or medling into peoples affairs or private info. We only want to make sounds and sell them via this portal/webstore while there is downtime in our music jobs. While we understand that the GDPR rules are meant for big data companies that have a price on our info, we want to re-mention our privacy policy, what happens with your email info and a way for you to knows us better.