Zebra2 is one of the most well known soft synth for media composers so therefore we HAD to make a soundset. We called it Pulsor.

We composers usually get a little frustrated with the current soundsets out there and even though we’d like to have more time to create our custom soundsets we sometimes need to buy them to speed up a project. The typical presets out there are painfully geared towards EDM and trap music… or for your average 70’s solo lead performer!

Therefore we created a patch that uses one of the things we use most… pulses. OR starting points to layer other elements on top and still get a cool sound underneath that orchestra. And speaking about layers, thats one step Pulsesetter-Sounds decided to take Pulsor. This composer oriented soundset has complex patches and also the sublayers for that same patch. We found that some of the libraries out there have really nice sounds but those were too complex for us to use in our own compositions. With Pulsor we wanted to leave flexibility for the composer to be able to layer the amount of complexity on each preset. Each layer of the patch could be used on its own, it still retains a lot of depth and modulation options to stand out and proud.

We are also very happy that top hollywood composers like Joseph Trapanese and Lucas Vidal liked them and loved their feedback.

Check out our video walkthrough and tutorials to see in action and please let us know your feedback. What you like liked and didn’t like. That way we keep making better patches.